Read and Share DVD Bible Box Set

Those who have or are related to small children should really enjoy this Read and Share DVD Bible Box Set.  Most Bible cartoons for kids have the same stories.  Usually Noah, maybe the creation story, and throw in a Jesus parable or two.  But this DVD Bible Box Set it different!

Take a look at all of the stories and lessons this box set has!

DVD 1: 

1. The Beginning
2. Adam and Eve
3. The Flood
4. Abram
5. Isaac and Rebekah
6. Jacob and Esau
7. Rachel
8. Home Again
9. Joseph the Slave
10. Joseph in Jail
11. Joseph in Charge
12. Joseph and His Brothers
13. Moses
14. Strange Fire
15. Moses Goes Home
16. Moses Parts the Water
17. Ten Commandments
18. Balaam’s Donkey
19. John the Baptist
20. Jesus is Born
21. Jesus Tempted by Satan
22. Jesus Loves Children
23. One Lost Sheep
24. The First Lord’s Supper
25. Jesus’ Resurrection
26. The Holy Spirit Comes

DVD 2: 

1. The Promised Land
2. Samson
3. Ruth & Naomi
4. Samuel
5. David & the Giant
6. David is Chased
7. Elijah
8. Esther
9. Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
10. Gideon
11. Hannah
12. Solomon
13. Elisha
14. Daniel
15. Jonah
16. Where is Jesus?
17. Jesus Walks On Water
18. Jesus’ Life (Calms the Storm)
19. Jesus’ Power
20. Jesus’ Life (Lazarus)
21. Saul Becomes Paul
22. Paul’s Travels
23. Paul’s Shipwreck
24. Phillip
25. Peter in Jail
26. The Best is Yet to Come

So far, I think there is good reason for the customer rating of this cartoon Bible to be 5 star.

“Wonderful way to teach the Bible” December, 2010

“Teaches the Bible in a fun and simple way” August, 2012

“Excellent way for young children to learn the Bible” January, 2013

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Jesus Culture: Live from New York, Come Away, Awakening, and More!

If looking for great worship and praise music with an alternative edge that all those young at heart can enjoy – Jesus Culture is a good fit.  Originally from Redding, CA, this group travels and draws large crowds to worship God across the United States.  To classify their sound – their song lyrics are simple yet catchy.  Best of all their real emotions invoke emotion in you. Great tunes for car, home, and work that praise Jesus.  The style is geared towards a revivalist movement and the young at heart. I suggest trying out a Pandora station, downloading a song, viewing on YouTube, or ordering from Amazon.  It is rare to find true alternative praise with a heart for Jesus.

Complete Jewish Bible Review

I have really been enjoying the Complete Jewish Bible this week. In listening to the 1 Year Daily Audio Bible, Brian Hardin has been reading from this version.

Though it is hard to keep track of names at first, given this translation a chance.  After a few days the beauty of the names in Hebrew reveal themselves.  I really enjoy reading/hearing Adonai, Yeshua, Yaakov, etc…  I recommend listening to the week of January 14th in this Bible to see if you agree.

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Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence Review

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young is a great daily devotional worth your very small treasure investment.

Price: Check Today’s Price

Personally, I received this as a gift at the beginning of 2013.  I have now read up through January 22nd.  This book is kept in the kitchen so it can be read daily while cooking breakfast.  Though I have not read the whole book, I can write about the strengths I have seen so far.

First, for someone busy like myself, the length of each days passage is just about right.  Most days are about 150 to 200 words.  It takes about 2 minutes to slowly read each day.  It takes an extra minute to reflect upon the words.  In total, 3 minutes each day is the right length of time for a busy morning.  This would make a perfect gift for an on-the-go professional to get their day started right.

Another strength of this book is how Young writes each day by putting words in the mouth of Jesus.  These passages are based on scripture and attempts to say what Jesus would say.  I consider this a strength because it is done in a very inspiring way.  Also, all first person pronouns like I, me, my, etc… refers to Jesus.  At the end of each passage, Young gives verses that support her words.

Therefore, I was very happy to get this daily devotional as a gift.  Each day is short and easy to finish.  Also, the daily messages are inspiring and act like how Jesus would speak.

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